Lidar Coalition Applauds the Introduction of the Airport Technology and Efficiency Improvement Act

Washington, D.C., March 17, 2023 – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization effort is a critical opportunity to modernize U.S. airports. With the introduction of the Airport Technology Efficiency and Improvement Act (Act), Congressman Troy Nehls (R-TX) is taking an important step to champion the enhancement of the traveler experience and security. If enacted, the Act would make federal funding for terminal security technology neutral, allowing the best security solutions to be deployed across the United States, including those using lidar. The Act would also make U.S. airports safer and smarter by authorizing two pilot programs: (1) a pilot program to secure non-movement areas; and (2) a pilot program to deploy technology to make airports more consumer friendly and digitally connected. Both pilot programs place priority on sensors that can detect, track, and distinguish between objects without infringing on personal privacy.   

Lidar-based solutions are deployed in airports around the world to create a secure and enjoyable experience for travelers. For example, the companies below are currently partnering with U.S. airports to modernize their service delivery:

  • AEye: AEye offers a high performance detection system for critical infrastructure security
  • Cepton: Cepton’s integrated lidar perception solutions offer airport operators greater visibility and range compared to cameras to monitor and provide analytics of crowds and outdoors areas under a broad range of weather conditions.
  • Ouster: Ouster has partnered with third-party solution providers like Skyfii and Outsight to deploy lidar at airports to improve security, passenger flow, and the entire ‘curb to gate’ experience.
  • Outsight: Outsight offers software solutions to monitor crowd flow, provide data analytics, and help to improve airport efficiency.
  • Blickfeld: Blickfeld offers lidar sensors and software for monitoring and tracking crowds in airport halls and indoor and outdoor security and safety solutions for airports 

This legislation will help to scale lidar technology to broaden the availability of these benefits in airports across the United States.