Lidar Coalition Members to Demonstrate Technology’s Potential to Enhance Roadway Safety at Consumer Electronics Show

Washington, D.C., January 3, 2023 – Members of the Lidar Coalition will showcase their innovative products and technology at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 5-8. The companies will demonstrate lidar’s unique potential to enhance safety for roadway users and pedestrians through immersive experiences and simulations and through panels and joint initiatives with business partners.

“We are excited to see the latest innovative lidar technology on display at CES,” said Ariel Wolf, Chair of the Autonomous and Connected Mobility Practice Group at Venable LLP, which serves as counsel to the Coalition.

Individual company highlights and details include:

Aeva: Booth #6001, West Hall – Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC)

Aeva is showcasing its groundbreaking 4D LiDAR-on-chip technology at CES. The next-generation sensing technology uniquely measures velocity in addition to 3D position to bring an added dimension of safety and reliability to vehicle automation. As a 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree, Aeva’s Aeries II 4D LiDAR sensor will be on display in its booth where attendees can experience a live point cloud that demonstrates Aeva’s unique ability to directly measure instant velocity for each point of detection. Aeva and its partners will also be showcasing how the compact, automotive design of Aeries II is powering the next generation of automated vehicles, with seamless sensor integrations in both passenger and commercial vehicles. Learn more at

AEye: Booth #3429, West Hall – LVCC; Outside the LVCC West Hall lot

Visitors to AEye’s indoor and outdoor exhibit areas can experience lidar first-hand by stepping inside a virtual reality lidar data point cloud, walking through a live, lidar-monitored crosswalk, and riding through the streets of Las Vegas in AEye’s ShadowVan demonstration vehicle. AEye lidar enables safer mobility for all modes of transportation – from cars and trucks, to pedestrians and cyclists. At CES, AEye will demonstrate how safety advancements using its adaptive lidar technology is possible – now. The company will also release findings of its “Safer Mobility Survey,” conducted in partnership with the Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE), which gauges Americans’ views on road safety for all road users, including drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. To set up a meeting or schedule a demo, contact

AEye will also participate in a panel on the “Anatomy of Autonomy” at SAE’s CES Connect2Car event. The panel, scheduled for January 5 at 10am PT, will feature AEye’s founder and CTO Luis Dussan, as well as executives from Aurora, Uber, and Ford.

Baraja: Baraja has invented a new type of lidar called Spectrum-Scan™ which delivers the performance needed by the automotive industry to address the challenge of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and self-driving vehicles. At CES Baraja will be discussing how it utilizes the combination of Spectrum-Scan™, Random modulation continuous-wave (RMCW) and Doppler capabilities to solve issues found in legacy lidar systems such as interference immunity. The company is developing products designed to meet the needs of vehicle OEMs allowing for high-performing, high reliability, high quality and low-cost lidar packaged for seamless vehicle integration solving the issues of legacy lidar systems. Baraja’s Chief Commercial Officer Joseph Notaro will be at CES and can be reached at

Cepton: Booth No. 5553, West Hall – LVCC

Cepton’s booth will feature a Chevy Silverado and a Ford F-150 equipped with the company’s latest vehicle integration solutions, including one of the industry’s first full, in-vehicle integrations of lidar technology in automotive lighting systems. This integration solution combines both near-range blind spot elimination and long-range obstacle detection, and also includes a self-cleaning system from Koito Manufacturing to address real-life driving needs. Cepton will also unveil its ultra-slim, next-generation lidar, the Vista®-X120 Plus, which has been recognized in the CES 2023 Innovation Award program. The Cepton team will be available to showcase and discuss the company’s comprehensive portfolio of lidar solutions for both automotive and smart infrastructure applications. Attendees are encouraged to connect with the Cepton team ahead of the event by submitting a meeting request form.

Ibeo: MicroVision Booth #10271, North Hall – LVCC

Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH will have representatives at the MicroVison standIn December of last year, MicroVision announced the signing of an agreement to acquire certain assets of Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH. MicroVision will showcase its MAVIN™ DR dynamic view lidar system and display a high-resolution point cloud at its booth and in private scheduled meetings. There will also be presentations and demonstrations of MicroVision technology at the booth throughout the event. To schedule an appointment at CES with MicroVision or learn more about MicroVision’s exciting technology, customers and the investment community should contact Jeff Christensen at, and media should contact Heidi Davidson at to schedule a meeting at CES with MicroVision management.

Innoviz: Booth #6553, West Hall – LVCC

Innoviz Technologies will host an exciting lineup of InnovizOne LiDAR demonstrations and presentations with its global partners, Sensagrate, HiRain Technologies, Outsight, Whale Dynamics, and others. Innoviz will also introduce Innoviz360, the newest member of the high-performance Innoviz LiDAR family. In addition, InnovizTwo will be demonstrated at the Innoviz booth, and in demo drives at CES. InnovizTwo is an automotive-grade LiDAR sensor specifically designed for automakers, robotaxi, delivery and other L3/L4 applications that require an automotive-grade, mass-producible solution. Its small dimensions enable integration in a vehicle grille or roof. To schedule a meeting with Innoviz at CES or inquire about InnovizOne LiDAR for your business, email

Outsight: Booth #5363, West Hall – LVCC

In addition to demonstrating its collaboration with Innoviz at Booth #6553, Outsight will highlight its software products at Booth #5363.

Ouster: Booth #6541, West Hall – LVCC

Ouster will exhibit live point clouds of its REV7 sensors on the show floor and offer scheduled rides near the Las Vegas Convention Center in its demo vehicle outfit with a mix of eight short, mid, and long-range REV7 sensors. As a 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree, Ouster’s REV7 sensors will also be on display at the Innovation Awards Showcase in the Venetian Expo, Hall D – Booth #56320. The Company will also present its DF series solid-state lidar for automotive series production programs, including a real-time point cloud of its short-range sensor and a multi-sensor view of its short, mid, and long-range sensors placed around the vehicle using synthetic data. The Company will unveil a new product offering for smart infrastructure applications during CES and host a live demonstration from its booth. Visitors will be able to interact with the product up close to test its performance and capabilities. To request a meeting with the Ouster team, visit or email

Valeo: Booth CP-17, Central Plaza – LVCC

Visitors will be able to try out themselves the third-generation LiDAR laser scanner – SCALA 3 LiDAR. This new version of a key component in the sensor system enables vehicles to achieve approval for level 3 conditional driving automation. Unveiled in November 2021, the technology has been chosen by Stellantis to equip multiple models of its different automotive brands from 2024. Thanks to its laser beams, the third-generation LiDAR can see things that other technology and the human eye cannot – from over 150 meters away, it can identify an object left on an unlit black asphalt road that neither cameras, radars nor the driver can detect.

The Lidar Coalition is focused on promoting the deployment of lidar-based intelligent infrastructure and automotive safety technology. Light Detection and Ranging, or “lidar,” is a remote sensing method that uses invisible light pulses to illuminate and create a 3D map of the surrounding environment. Lidar is an important component in emerging transportation technologies including smart infrastructure, traffic management, autonomous vehicles, advanced driver assist systems, and many other applications. The Lidar Coalition engages in public policy advocacy, educational efforts, and thought leadership to maximize the public benefit of lidar deployment.